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Writer's Note: William Williams' interest in the manmade environment dates to 1970, at which point the then-young Williams started a collection of postcards of city skylines. The collection now numbers 1,000-plus cards. Among the writer's specific interests are exterior building design, city district planning, demographics, signage, mixed-use development, mass transit and green/sustainable construction and living. Williams began his Creating Places column with The City Paper in February 2005. The column in its original form was discontinued in September 2008 and reinvented via this blog in November 2008. Creating Places can be found on the home page of the website of The City Paper, at which Williams has worked in various capacities since October 2000.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating Places: A map for the map nerds

As a long-time "map geek" (my brother, father and I used to collect maps, at one point amassing a few hundred maps and almanacs), I am very pleased to see what my good friend Ron Brewer has created. I posted this on Nashville Post but didn't want any Creating Places readers who might not visit the Post site often to miss. Check it out here.


  1. This is an extremely useful map.

    I find it hard to keep up with all of the construction projects underway and planned in the booming "IT" city of Nashville today.

    Thanks for posting this. An extremely well done map indeed.

  2. Nice map. Amazing to see all the development in Music City.

  3. Very interesting and informative map. A couple of nitpicks:
    The photo shown for the Howard Building Addition is actually a photo of the Metro Office Building, which is adjacent to the Howard Office Building on the Fulton Campus.

    The new Madison Police Precinct and Crime Lab, currently under construction at 430 Myatt Dr. is not shown.

  4. Thanks,

    I am still making updates to the map. Thanks for reminding me of the Crime Lab. I forgot about that one. I am still adding pix as well and the Howard building was one I could not tell if I had the correct building or not since it was done so well. I have a rendering posted now. Please comment on the map if there are corrections that are needed and I will update.


  5. Sorry to be so picky, but the drawing shown for the Crime Lab/Precinct is incorrect. The building shown is half occupied by MTA, with the other half inoccupied and unplanned as of now. The Crime Lab/Precinct is the larger building shown to the east (right) of this building.

  6. Another correction - the rendering of the new Lentz Health Center is incorrect. You can contact Gresham Smith Partners for the correct one.

    You can possibly get the correct plan or photo of the Crime Lab/Precinct from Gobbell Hayes & Partners.

  7. Not to be nitpicky either, but all the renderings you mentioned are the correct renderings that I have been able to get.
    The Metro facility is from the Gobbell Hays site and is the only one available and the Lenzt center is one of four from the Gresham site. I did add two more from that site but the original is on the site as well.

  8. I stand corrected. The Lentz rendering is correct.